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Latest links I like featuring social media

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5th August

I spend quite a bit of time on for most of my social media news. Here are some of the latest links I’ve enjoyed from them in the past month. Hopefully there is some useful material for you in here as well:

26 Places to find free multimedia for your blog

An explanation to what Social Media really is

How to build your company’s Linked In profile

How to customize your YouTube channel

How to deal with social networking overload

How to use the web for socially responsible shopping

PayPal X: Prepare for the new PayPal

How to create YouTube videos in 3D

New breed of record labels helps bands help themselves

Is the world ready for Google Wave

Facebook advertising: It’s all local

Find out What’s New at ThinkGeek!

Facebook: Vanity URL

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15th June

Facebook released Saturday at midnight the ability to create your own vanity URL. Myspace and Twitter had this from the get go but Facebook just decided to do this. Three minutes after releasing this new feature, there were instantly 200,000 names already registered.

Today is Monday, two days later and they have 6 million names registered. Have you created your Facebook name? You need to before yours gets taken!

Ways to promote your business or website for FREE

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22nd May

If  it’s free, it’s for me. If you just created a blog and want your name to be seen or you just created a business and can’t afford advertising yet, I have here some things you could do. There are a lot of services that cost money to submit your site but that’s not entirely necessary when you are starting out fresh. When money comes in, then go to those services – Google Adwords and such.

1. Social Media – This is the more time consuming thing but could be well worth it for you. On your Facebook, you can create a page for your business then send it out to your friends to become a fan of it.

Second is Twitter. Create a Twitter account under your business name and email then search for people in your area or industry to … Read More »

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