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Latest links I like featuring social media

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5th August

I spend quite a bit of time on for most of my social media news. Here are some of the latest links I’ve enjoyed from them in the past month. Hopefully there is some useful material for you in here as well:

26 Places to find free multimedia for your blog

An explanation to what Social Media really is

How to build your company’s Linked In profile

How to customize your YouTube channel

How to deal with social networking overload

How to use the web for socially responsible shopping

PayPal X: Prepare for the new PayPal

How to create YouTube videos in 3D

New breed of record labels helps bands help themselves

Is the world ready for Google Wave

Facebook advertising: It’s all local

Find out What’s New at ThinkGeek!

IMINDI: world’s first Thought Engine

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31st May

Not just a blog, but it’s as simple as creating one. Imindi hosts a new kind of database to collect thoughts and their associations to build a global mind index and share them with like minded people. To sum it up, type out your thoughts and it connects you with people that think like you.

Unlike some companies that dream of teaching computers to think better. Imindi approaches it from the opposite end our dream is to use computers and the internet to help humans think better individually and collectively.

I will have more info on this when I’m able to check it out more!

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